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Quality is our top priority

The dominant feature of our business is 100% canned meat, which is produced in several different weights and contains pieces of meat or minced meat. We also specialise in the production of frozen meat, both pieces of muscle, offal and minced meat. The product mix is supplemented by dried meat snacks of our own production, which are dried using modern technologies.

We are butchers for dogs and cats, so our offer of meat varieties is truly broad. You can choose from chicken, beef, pork, turkey, veal, duck, lamb, venison, rabbit, various species of fish or offal. Our products are completely free of dyes and flavourings and do not contain soya, cereals or other chemicals. We are also engaged in production under private labels.

We pay attention to the maximum quality of our products (from ingredients through packaging to the method of goods delivery). All our operations are regularly inspected by the State Veterinary Administration. We also regularly check products during quality meetings, which are always not only attended by representatives of the production and quality departments, but also by the company´s management, sales and marketing representatives. We are constantly striving to develop ourselves, which means that we modernise our production technologies and improve our processes. However, we never forget about pets and their eating habits. In 2021, we also obtained IFS certification. This is a recognised food safety standard of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) for quality audits of production processes and products.

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